Some clients with whom we have crafted successful projects, together:

  • San Raffaele University

    The needAn ambitious project for one of the most important Telematic Universities recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. Their academic offer is provided in e-learning modules and takes advantage of the use of the internet and the new digital technologies.
    The Project: At present, the Moodle project for San Raffaele provides a full 6 modules dedicated to the different Degree and Master’s Degree courses. Various ad hoc developments were engineered by Mediatouch to allow a detailed tracking of activities, especially the video lessons, which are amply used in the courses. MediaTouch handles the environments through managed hosting and supports the end users with a dedicated Ticket System service.
    Size of the project: There are roughly 1,500 students distributed over the various platforms.

  • Roma Tre

    The need: A project to develop a community of learning and of practice, to share experiences and build a network of relationships between students and faculty teachers.
    The Project: The Faculty of Education flanked its classroom instruction with an online environment, providing a multifaceted offer that foresees the use of different teaching methodologies. Processes of co-construction of knowledge and of organisational best practices are possible thanks to the powerful collaborative tools that Moodle offers.
    Size of the project: Almost 9,000 people today use the university platform as an online campus that flanks the schools traditional didactic offer; students are actively involved in the creation of knowledge with a view to collaborative learning.

  • Sapienza

    The need: To create an online university campus that welcomes students and faculty in a versatile and user-friendly environment. Thanks to Moodle, La Sapienza University of Rome, one of the largest universities in Europe, has developed a project that still today is a case study of excellence with an ever-increasing user basin.
    The Project: To achieve the goals of the La Sapienza Moodle project, MediaTouch has created an environment capable of supporting and constantly monitoring high workloads from its tens of thousands of concurrent users.
    Size of the project: The Moodle La Sapienza Project became operative at the end of 2003, and has been booming ever since. Today the University’s online campus has over 60,000 active users and 1,000 active courses for more than 500 teachers.

  • European University Institute

    The need: The European University Institute, in its nearly 40-year history, has included scholars from all over the world, and today boasts more than 20 member nations. Since 2007, the European University has taken advantage of e-learning with Moodle to deliver its courses, particularly for “Academic Training” and “Executive Training”.
    The Project: MediaTouch has hosted Moodle EUI platforms on its own infrastructures from the very start of the project. It also offers specialised consulting to the Training Coordinators to manage the institute’s courses.
    Size of the project: The European University Institute now has 4 active Moodle platforms; noteworthy is the use of one of them for giving Massive Open Online Courses.

  • The Italian Air Force

    The need: To equip this branch of the Armed Forces with an integrated tool for training, formation, knowledge management and the sharing of good practices at the national level that would allow the creation of knowledge even among the highest ranks of the Air Force.
    The Project: Launched in 2006 and developed over the years in progressive stages with the involvement of internal handlers for the technological, methodological and didactic aspects, MediaTouch has offered its Moodle Managed Hosting services on enterprise-level infrastructures to provide high levels of service and simultaneous connections arising from a broad base of users.
    Size of the project: The project involves more than 40,000 users in four Moodle platforms linked through a Moodle network and with a Single Sign On mechanism developed ad hoc.

  • The Italian Court of Auditors

    The need: To replace an old Moodle 1.9 platform to establish an e-learning training course to update the internal staff of this branch of the public administration.
    The Project: A Moodle environment integrated with the Active Directory server of the Court to allow secure authentication via Single Sign On; MediaTouch hosts the platform on its own Enterprise infrastructure ensuring a level of service and reliability suited to the importance of the project, and provides consulting and support for managing the environment.

  • The Italian Financial Police

    The need: Promote continuous updating, on-the-job training and collaborative learning among the corps of Italy’s Financial Police in a perspective of organisational growth.
    The Project: A Moodle environment integrated with the Active Directory server of the Guardia di Finanza, an important customised training plan for the tutors involved in running and overseeing the courses, and a Moodle remote administration service that can guarantee the reliability of the service to a wide user base.
    Size of the project: The project, which was created in 2009, today is used by more than 23,000 officers of the Financial police, trained on a variety of disciplines ranging from matters relating to operational activities to administration, from communication to project management.

  • Italian National Bar Council

    The need:orn of a complex project of the National Bar Council and the Italian Attorney’s Fund, the project aims to use online training so that attorneys can obtain online educational credits, in the most effective, innovative, and engaging way possible.
    The Project: MediaTouch has offered its Moodle Managed Hosting services on enterprise-level infrastructure to provide high levels of service and simultaneous connections arising from a broad base of users. All the video courses of the National Bar Council were also developed and made available on the platform, given by exceptional speakers and realised according to the most recent and innovative educational and technological modes available.
    Size of the project: Already in the first year of life, the project has seen the membership of approximately 8,000 users spread out over 6 available and active online courses.


    The need:Obligatory educational credits for professional architects are today a reality; the e-learning environment has allowed thousands of professionals to access compulsory education freely and for free.
    The Project: The Moodle platform for the CNAPPC interfaces with the LDAP system of the National Council to enable rapid user authentication for all users. MediaTouch designed an infrastructure that allows for wide scalability; furthermore, the fact that the formation occurs in the presence of dozens of professional figures, and the assistance and specialised advice, make this a project of excellence.
    Size of the project: The Moodle platform dedicated to the CNAPPC is now updated to version 2.6 of Moodle, and is open to all the Provincial Chapters of the CNAPPC, allowing thousands of professionals to access their online training.

  • Italian National Institute of Health

    The need:Within the framework of Continuing Medical Education, the Italian National Institute of Health carries out an interdisciplinary training project in e-learning mode, intended for the broad public of Italian health practitioners.
    The Project: MediaTouch created a Moodle environment for the ISS capable of satisfying the various requirements arising from the needs of Continuing Medical Education, and developed many ad hoc elements – from certification, to the user registration form, to various registration or report plugins – to make it easier to manage the environment. MediaTouch also supports the ISS with a hosting service and specialised consulting.
    Size of the project: Thousands health care workers have used it since 2006, the year the project was begun.

  • Bulgari

    The need:Replace an old, distance training system that was stiff, expensive and closed source, with a modern and customizable tool for the education and training of its direct sales network.
    The Project: MediaTouch developed the “My Campus” internal training portal, based on Moodle and able to handle the training courses of the different sales structures at the corporate level. My Campus was interfaced with the internal systems for managing the direct sales force, providing the HR personnel and the local administration in the world the necessary training for the solution implemented and providing the service of a second level help desk.
    Size of the project:The project involved more than 3,000 users in the areas of EMEA, the Americas, Japan, South Pacific and Asia.

  • Menarini

    The need:The main purpose of the project, called Menarini LMS, was to grant both internal employees and the “Field Force” controlled access to the educational content, on a single platform that would allow the trainer to handle all data and reports in a single training environment.
    The Project: MediaTouch lent its expertise to combine the user’s demands with Moodle’s features, and offered specialised support for the management and handling of the web-based environment; it integrated the product with Meranini’s internal systems, developed and offers maintenance on the plugins, and offers web service. Offering training in the methodology of use of the resources involved definitely added value to the project.
    Size of the project:The support we gave to deploy the platform throughout the entire Group was essential to involving as many users as possible.

  • Raiffeisen Capital Management

    The need:To have an effective tool to communicate, share, inform and promote useful resources for financial advisors to understand the multiple benefits of RCM financial products and at the same time enrich the users’ financial skills.
    The Project: In more than seven years of activity the “RIFA Forum” system has been enriched with features and content, addressing different communities of users, and has become the hub of Raiffeisen’s commercial activity in Italy. To this end, Moodle was integrated with an email marketing system to promote spontaneous subscription of the target users to the Raiffeisen information portal.
    Size of the project: The project has actively involved more than 2,000 financial advisors throughout Italy.

  • Sidel

    The need:To form and inform their staff in a timely fashion about internal issues, thus ensuring alignment at the Group level, and gradually initiate a system of technical training for its customers, on the range of products offered.
    The Project: The project, still ongoing, has evolved through the gradual involvement of different business areas, interested in different contents and recipients (both internal and external). MediaTouch provided a turnkey service that also included the creation of courses in Italian, English, French and Chinese, intended to convey the Group’s strategies to all its employees. The second phase saw the opening of systems for additional company needs, to train employees to use and maintain its machinery products.
    Size of the project: The project involved more than 4,600 users in the areas of EMEA, the Americas, the Greater Middle East and Africa, South Pacific and Asia.