Totara Perform | Collaboration for informal learning

Totara Perform

Totara Perform is a hugely flexible system to be tailored to your performance management processes to match your business needs. As those needs evolve, changes can be implemented quiclly, keeping you firmly on the path to continuous business improvement.

Totara Perform brings together the most progressive peer-to-peer feedback, continuous and traditional performance management practices.

  • Continuous improvement management;
  • Sharing perspective to motivate resources;
  • Tracking progress towards proficiency;
  • Evidence management capturing proof of real-world achievement when it happens.
  • Integration with Totara Learn;
  • 360° feedback – balance self-evaluation with input from peers, team members, supervisors and more;
  • Appraisals – integrate performance data captured throughout the performance cycle for more enhanced, structured, evidence-based reviews.