AWARE: Ageing Workforce towards an Active Retirement

MediaTouch is participating, with several other companies and research institutes, in “AWARE” project, an EU project that was submitted and approved in relation to the strategic objective AAL-2009-2 “ICT based solutions for Advancement of Social Interaction of Elderly People.

The AWARE project aims at developing an effective solution at the European level for social inclusion of elderly people and at preparing older workers for transition to retirement.

This objective will be achieved by providing skills in the use of ICTs for social participation and an ICT-based tool that can enable social interaction of both groups in order to promote an active aging and to fight against consequences that could arise after retirement, such as depression, loneliness and isolation.

The platform developed in the AWARE project will be a social network with three modules integrated:

  • Environment adaptation module
  • Sharing knowledge module
  • ICT approach module

The advantages and benefits expected from the development of a platform with the described features are the following ones:

  • Maintain the elder person active after retirement, hence promoting an active ageing.
  • Create web communities of retired workers to share experience, skills and expertise.
  • Respond to current trends of the Ageing workforce, by maintaining mentally and economically active the elder person.
  • Support the companies during the whole retirement process. The benefits derived from the implementation of this technology will result in the possibility of improving expertise transfer as well as maintaining the relationship with the retired worker.

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The project is funded by the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme and the national funding authorities of Spain, Germany, Italy and UK.