Why it is important to choose LMS Open Source experts

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The long awaited time has come: choosing a Learning Management System for the training of your company, university or organization. Browsing the web you discovered that there are proprietary and open sourceplatforms. If you have selected the second option, there are a few details you should be aware of.

Why it is important to choose LMS Open Source experts

Open source: it takes more than just downloading the platform to obtain results

There is a false conception that an open source LMS platform has zero costs and that is free. Even if there are no real fees to pay, this does not mean that there are no costs. To use an open source platform, in fact, it is necessary to have a suitable hardware and software architecture, to properly configure the installation, customize the functions that are standardized, refine the branding of the site and to update the system regularly ensuring the essential security, monitoring and backup functions. It requires a dedicated and continuous activity. If you do not have the necessary skills to manage the platform adequately and continuously, the e-learning project is probably doomed to fail.

Open source: a true expertise is the only way to reach successful results

If your intent, using an open source platform, is to reach a winning and performing result, you need to rely on LMS Open Source experts. The advantages in this case are many: constant support in the creation and development of your LMS, the ability to customize the basic standard solution making the platform 100% branded, agile and without nasty surprises transition to the most advanced version of your platform.

Indeed, investing in your LMS means giving added value to your training and the one of  your team who will not have to worry about anything other than learning.

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