Learning Management System

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an Open Source e-learning platform with web access and use, which supports traditional classroom teaching and allows the teacher/trainer to publish and make the teaching material accessible to students, to convey communications, to publish information on specific courses, to administer homework/exercises, tests and more.

Totara Learn is the solution for corporate training, designed to add to the educational potential of Moodle the features typically needed in business contexts and complex organizations. Totara is ideal for supporting the needs of global training management in a blended perspective (e-learning, physical classroom, virtual classroom), creation, monitoring and certification of compliant programs and customized training plans, as well as advanced reporting by favoring processes of business automation.

An open source software is a code designed to be visible. Anyone can view it, modify it and distribute it according to their needs.

Moodle is an Open Source product but like all software it requires skills in order to ensure excellent management and customization. As the only Certified Moodle Premium Partner in Italy, we have been offering – since 2004 – specialized services on Moodle, both in the technological and methodological fields. Our Moodle experts are available to support your e-learning in the best way possible. As a Moodle Partner we add value to your e-learning by offering certified services that help support and develop Moodle around the world.

A Moodle Partner is a service company that contributes directly to the development of Moodle and that provides users with a range of services certified by Moodle company itself, such as software as a serivce, preparation, certification, remote assistance contracts, development of customized components, consultancy and integration with external systems.

Since 2004 MediaTouch is Moodle Partner and, thanks to our long-standing collaboration and expertise in Moodle, we have become Moodle Premium Partner. Moodle Partners financially support Moodle by contributing to the growth and maintenance of the free software.

A Totara Partner is a company that contributes directly to the development of Totara with several optional services for its customers, including a full service of hosting, preparation, certification, remote assistance contracts, custom code development and consulting.

Since 2014 MediaTouch has become a Totara Partner, expanding its proactive approach to the corporate sector. In 2020 we became Totara Platinum Alliance Partner a status recognized to a small number of Partner Companies that have achieved high results in terms of contribution to the Totara project and to services offered to the customers. Thanks to the special support reserved for the Alliance network, MediaTouch thus proposes itself alongside its customers with an extra gear in terms of service and development potential.

Infrastructures and E-learning

MediaTouch offers to its customers specific services starting from standard solutions and customizing them according to every need: customized e-learning, creation of ad hoc courses, integrations and developments. Our services include the use of unique products, using the world’s leading Learning Technologies software and exploiting the best e-learning technologies on the market. We are Premium Partner of Moodle and Platinum Alliance Partner of Totara. We offer cutting-edge products such as Class, the new frontier of the virtual classroom, and Articulate, the best software in the world for the development of multimedia online courses.

Starting from the best platforms on the market, we customize your e-learning starting from standard solutions. In this way we are able to combine the power of the standard with the flexibility of customized solutions. Designing is the key to success. No predefined solution but a careful design, to be done together, to fine-tune your e-learning solution. Because everyone has their own story and specific needs. We create, starting from extremely versatile and flexible tools, tailor-made solutions according to your goals.

MediaTouch has created ad hoc solutions in Moodle and Totara to be able to carry out training projects in different sectors and realities. In fact, we have implemented: an e-commerce suite, an ECM suite, a solution for technical and commercial training, a solution for universities and organizations and a suite for funded training.

MoodleCloud is a standard service recommended for those who have no particular needs for use and management since it does not offer the possibility of customization. The Software as a Service (SaaS) Moodle and Totara services offered by us, thanks to our highly vertical infrastructures, allow us to provide specialized “white label” services, completely rebranded with your name and logo to make you appear as the only holder of the service and it is possible to implement integrations and developments of any kind. We therefore offer a fully customized and supported service based on your specific needs.

Our long experience in the sector has taught us that taking over projects created and managed by third parties does not allow us to achieve the level of excellence we promise to our customers as when we are committed to creating and managing a platform from the very beginning. However, we can take charge of the entire project, after a feasibility analysis and verification of the state in which your project is located.

From our over twenty years of experience with Moodle and Totara, we created Continuum, the innovative and flexible graphic theme that allows you to customize the standard interface of your platform quickly and easily, just like a CMS. Continuum not only allows you to create the platform you have always dreamed of, but it guarantees continuous updating and evolution over time so that you always have available all the new features developed for you. Furthermore, the theme does not require a revamp with the update to a new version of your Moodle or Totara platform. We can also create ad hoc graphic customization of different level of complexity according to your specific needs.

Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom is an online space where users can interact with each other, communicate, work simultaneously on collaborative projects or simply listen to a trainer, professor or speaker. Within our e-learning platforms, virtual classrooms can be integrated with countless additional services in a completely transparent way for the user.

Class makes you live the experience of a real classroom directly at home or in the office with a specific interface and selected tools based on the actual live learning experience through the software Zoom. Class is the response to many teachers, professors and trainers that want to bring their lessons online to the next level making them more interactive and engaging and guaranteeing the best managing options for the teacher.

Big Blue Button (or BBB) is the open source video conferencing system designed for e-learning; perfectly integrated within Moodle and Totara, it allows you to plan, deliver and manage synchronous training sessions and make them available in registered form within your e-learning courses.