Class | The new virtual classroom experience

Class makes you live the experience of a real classroom directly at home or in the office with a specific interface and selected tools based on the actual live learning experience through the software Zoom. Class is the response to many teachers, professors and trainers that want to bring their lessons online to the next level making them more interactive and engaging and guaranteeing the best managing options for the teacher. The main features of Class are:

  • Podium space for teacher/trainer
  • Whiteboard (also on background)
  • Test and assignments can be done, sent and graded directly on Class
  • Grades are inserted directly on gradebook
  • One-to-one meeting with a single student without leaving the virtual classroom
  • Speaker View, Gallery View, Alphabetical View, Feedback View
  • Presence check
  • ID Verification
  • Proctoring during exams
  • Monitoring of students participation (highly active, active, passive)
  • Focus Tracking

Class, the leading virtual classroom solution, is available also on Microsoft Teams. Class harnesses and extends the scalability of the Teams’ trusted video conferencing platform to provide a unique set of tools and analytics that transform the virtual learning experience.

For Universities

Thanks to its tools to maximize the students involvement such as giving feedback, planning one-to-one meetings with professors and taking exams without leaving the virtual classroom, Class is the best answer for universities courses of very subject and major.

For companies

Class is the best choice to create and manage an interactive work environment and to promote group projects that can be easily managed through breakout rooms. Besides, it makes activities quicker and more efficient such as taking attendaces in an automatic way and managing quizzes that can be created, delivered and graded directly on Class.

Matthew Baker, co-founder and Vice president of Class, explains how Class was born and talks about its main features.