DeepReal | The AI solution for your video content

Your online classes are about to change forever!

Thanks to AI you can easily create professional videos for your courses.

DeepReal is the innovative service, developed by MediaTouch, for the creation of videos using virtual avatars.

MediaTouch has created an integration for generating your training videos directly within your LMS, all in just a few clicks.

How does it work?

• generate your avatar or choose from those available
• create your slides and import them into the Learning Management System
• through the integrated tool, enter the text in the language you prefer and wait for the final result… You will be amazed at how good you will be at speaking even languages ​​you don’t know!

After a short time you will be able to find the result on Vimeo ready to be included in your super lesson! What if you don’t have a Vimeo integration? You can choose to download the video and use it as you prefer.

Up to ten different scenes to give space to your videos:
– compose the contents in a modular way
– uses different settings for effective narrative effect
–  insert background videos to engage the user

Finally you can speak – in your real voice – any language with a perfect accent!

DeepReal is a service created by MediaTouch for the Moodle and Totara platforms managed for its customers but it can be integrated in LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) mode, also with other Learning Management Systems, which are not Moodle or Totara.

The service consists of three elements:

1. DeepReal Learning Tool (annual integration and maintenance service with your platform)
2. Creation and maintenance of personalized Avatars (annual service)
3. Package (on consumption) of minutes/hours that can be used for the production of videos in finalized form.

The process for generating your personal avatar is very simple, just make a film lasting a few minutes by carefully following our instructions.

Contact us to find out more.