Amanote | The revolution of note taking

Amanote is the app that allows students to take notes, which can be integrated into Moodle.

Note taking is one of the most important elements of student success.

  • The quality of notes and a student’s performance at school is almost always mutually inclusive.
  • Note-taking might be one of the most important skills a person can develop while they are in college.
  • It helps students gain a deeper understanding of the academic material and make it their own knowledge.
  • With Amanote, students take notes in context so they can focus on what’s important instead of writing every word the professeur say.

All the features you need

Amanote is delivered with a large set of features that ease your note taking and your study.

Formula & tools

Amanote let you insert mathematical or chemical formulas (LaTeX), drawings, charts, code, etc.

Note sharing

Amanote can generate a code that lets you easily share your notes to your friends.

Pencil Compatibility

Amanote is also compatible with a Pencil on computer and tablet. Ideal for aesthetic notes.