Ubicast | Manage your videos within your LMS

Are you looking for a new solution for managing videos within Moodle or your LMS?

Ubicast is the answer!

Nudgis by Ubicast is an advanced technological solution designed for the creation, management and distribution of video content.

Let your students live a unique learning experience with dynamic content, easily accessible and tailor-made directly by the teacher.

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Main features

1. Video Recording and Editing
– Ease of use: Nudgis allows users to record videos easily using webcams or mobile devices. The registration process is intuitive and does not require advanced technical skills.
– Intuitive Editing: After registration, users can edit videos directly on the platform. The editor offers tools for cutting, merging, and adding interactive elements such as quizzes, subtitles, and annotations.

2. Distribution and Access
– Secure Hosting: Nudgis ensures videos are hosted securely, with access control options to protect sensitive content.
– Accessibility: videos can be distributed via direct links, embedded in websites or LMS (Learning Management System), making them easily accessible to end users.

3. Interactivity
– Quizzes and assessments: Users can insert quizzes and assessments directly into videos, creating a more engaging learning experience and allowing teachers to monitor student progress.
– Chapters and bookmarks: The ability to add chapters and bookmarks facilitates navigation of content, allowing viewers to quickly find the information they need.

4. Analysis and Reporting
– Detailed Statistics: Nudgis provides detailed data on video usage, such as number of views, viewing time and interactions with interactive elements. This information is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of the content and making any improvements.
– User feedback: the platform collects feedback from users, offering valuable insights into how content is received and how it can be optimized.

And much more… All integrated within your e-learning platform.