Labster is here: scientific study will never be the same

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Labster is the innovative tool that offers scientific lab simulations to help universities, research institutions and school to ameliorate their learning levels and to significantly reduce the costs.

The mission of Labster is to “empowering the new generation of scientists to change the world”.

Indeed, sometimes teaching sciences can be pretty theoretical and not efficient with just a few lab activities which are quite expensive.

Labster wants to increase student’s involvement and learning level through three key components:

  • gamification, submitting problems based on real case studied at Universities and Research Institutions;
  • the access to advanced equipment that otherwise will be too expensive and inaccesible;
  • the guided animation in 3D.

The content simulation of Labster are created and implemented by the best International Universities.

Who can use Labster?

  • Universities
  • Research Institutions
  • High Schools
  • chemical and pharmaceutical companies and other sectors where scientific simulations can give an added value to the learning experience and to define different processes

Where can be Labster applied?

  • Labster takes on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) challenge and proposes simulation that can be applied in various sectors such as:
    • biochemistry
    • biotechnology
    • cell biology
    • molecular biology
    • genetics
    • microbiology
    • analytical chemistry

Why use Labster?

  • it ameliorates learning levels reducing signicantly the costs
  • it describes efficiently scientific processes and phenomena through virtual and augmented reality
  • it is integrated with Moodle and Totara
  • it allows everyone to use extremely expensive and unavailable equipment without limits
  • it makes the learning process easy through almost perfect simulations
  • it actively involves the student stimulating his/her interest and curiosity making the learning experience easy an fun.

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