MediaTouch interviewed by Seeweb on the sudden rise of e-learning during lockdown

Category: News

Andrea Bicciolo – Founder and Technical Director of MediaTouch – has been interviewed by Seeweb regarding the sudden rise of e-learning during Covid-19 global lockdown. The Italian Cloud Computing Provider has selected MediaTouch for its unique expertise in the learning technologies sector due to its long official and certified partnerships with Moodle and Totara, the main online opensource platforms.

Bicciolo explains that MediaTouch had to face two main challenges: an increasing number of requests made by current clients and new ones from new clients that needed to be ready in the shortest time possible. MediaTouch has faced these challenges thanks to its deep knowledge in the learning technologies sector and to its successul customer care both on the technical and performative level based on the the clients specific needs. This has also been possible thanks to Seeweb’s support on the infrastructural side.

Read the full interview here.