Totara 14 is here

Category: News

Totara 14 is finally here. The new version of Totara’s Talent Experience Platform further unites the three products (Learn, Engage, Perform) in an innovative way.

Here you can find the main features of the release:

  • new centralized notifications system to bring together programs and certifications notifications, significantly improving cross-platform cohesiveness and creating a smoother user experience;
  • updated multi-language interface for creating translated notifications;
  • users have an improved, streamlined interface for setting their notification preferences;
  • greater personalization and automation alongside new engagement and reminder options.

For Totara Learn:

  • further personalization to the multitenancy experience, including the creation of set and dynamic audiences on a per-tenant basis and custom default images for each tenant.

For Totara Engage:

  • Totara 14 provides key updates to the AI engine for more targeted resource, workspace and course recommendations.

For Totara Perform:

  • New competency reporting options with improved export layout and new competency ratings report sources.

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