GUEST POST | Cloud computing for LMS: the partnership with Seeweb

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MediaTouch believes in long-term partnerships with both its clients and partners. This is the case of Seeweb, our long-time partner who has supported MediaTouch on an infrastructural level since the beginning of our business.

Martina Mastrogiacomo, Marketing Assistant at Seeweb, talks about cloud computing for the benefit of LMS and the partnership with Seeweb.

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the technology that has radically changed our working, teaching and entertainment methods and habits. When a cloud provider offers a cloud computing service, it is providing the possibility of exploiting the internet in order to make both hardware and software computer resources available remotely. Storage, computing environments, simplified database management and large workloads are just some of the services that can be accessed on demand and without the user having to pay any purchase or maintenance costs for the physical machine. In fact, the virtualization of a physical server space makes it possible to provide a hosting solution that can be used remotely.

E-learning and cloud, a winning duo

The structured adoption of distance learning practices during the covid emergency has definitively consolidated a trend that we never thought could be possible with our lives. The e-learning platforms are by definition accessible on demand and from any device, allowing quality and flexibility of use.

The Learning Management System (LMS) acts as the managerial, operational and distribution guide of the training activities provided online and it goes without saying that thinking about it from a cloud perspective is a positive support for the benefit of both those who manage LMS technologies and those who use them. A cloud-based LMS is in fact a ready-to-use solution that does not require those who exploit it to install any type of specific software, since an Internet connection and access credentials to the platform are the only requirements.

Issues of upgrading and maintenance of remote servers responsible for providing and operating the online education service are the sole responsibility of the provider: this means zero worries for those who decide to base their LMS on a cloud infrastructure.

Cloud computing for LMS: the partnership with Seeweb

Seeweb: the cloud cerified provider

To ensure a successful e-learning experience, a Learning Management System cannot ignore the choice of a cloud provider that can provide safe, efficient and scalable IaaS infrastructures.

Seeweb, an Italian company with twenty years of experience in the field, supports companies of this kind with commitment and perseverance by providing all the efficiency and infrastructural security necessary to return the highest performance to customers.

Redundant and constantly manned Italian data centers make Seeweb’s network infrastructure the perfect engine of Cloud Computing services. In addition, the total adequacy to the requirements of the GDPR, with the related quality and safety certifications, guarantee the integrity of Seeweb solutions and the protection of data in the cloud.

Seeweb cloud solutions, thanks to fully guaranteed and dedicated resources, are highly performing and capable of supporting significant workloads. Together with both vertical scalability – with which resources can be added as needed, without any application changes or stops – and horizontal, with the expansion of infrastructures. Seeweb engineers are always available to design architectural growth in an harmonious way.

MediaTouch and Seeweb: the partnership that helps your growth

The relationship between MediaTouch and Seeweb is the demonstration of the importance of having an infrastructural partner who, in addition to providing, in this case, cutting-edge cloud computing services, is able to adapt and prepare the best solutions to meet every need and emergency.

The explosion of e-learning following the lockdown on March 2020 has led to MediaTouch an exponential increase in requests for the creation of platforms dedicated to training and education. Thanks to the adoption of redundant and scalable infrastructures signed by Seeweb, the management of such a whirlwind pace and the expansion of demand has benefited from concrete and constant support to reshape the offer of e-learning environments to customers.

Going back and looking back at the dawn of the changes brought about by the pandemic is an essential reminder of the relevance of the concept of IT reliability. Relying on a provider that provides architectures designed to support even less ordinary events is a fundamental step to support every business and accompany it towards growth, exactly as happened for the great success of Mediatouch.

Martina Mastrogiacomo is a copywriter and web content creator. She has a BA in Communications and Marketing and supports the marketing team of Seeweb in creating significant web content.