How to use an LMS for your e-commerce

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Buying products online is a huge part of our culture. Nowadays, there are different e-commerce platforms in order to sell every possible product. However, selling e-learning courses online is a different story. In fact, the goal is to let the user also access and navigate the course he/she has bought. it is essential that the course is available in the best possible way for the user.

The most used solution until now was to link the e-commerce tool to the e-learning platform, managing two different systems and their related issues (e.g. user experience).

How do we overcome this patchwork of applications? How to use an LMS for your e-commerce?

MediaTouch has developed an integrated native suite for Moodle and Totara that perfectly answers to your need.

How to use an LMS for your e-commerce for e-learning

A plugin integrated natively in Moodle and Totara

If you have decided to sell your e-learning courses, a simple, complete and reliable tool is essential. To better manage the sale of online courses we have developed our own customized solution which integrates perfectly with Moodle and Totara, always according to a modular architecture.

Different gateway payment

The module e-commerce integrates different payment tools (Nexi, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, wire transfer, PagoPA) and it can be extended to more gateway and electronic payment systems.

A unique learning and browsing experience

The CMS platform, the LMS platform and the shopping cart are integrated to optimize the flow of account creation, course purchase and registration. The system allows the purchase of both single and massive courses to then assigned through backend the specific access keys to single users. This is done in a completely clear way for the user who moves within a unique experience of browsing and learning.

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