Distance adoption with Italia Solidale

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MediaTouch supports Italia Solidale Vosvim – ONLUS – an organization that helps children and families worldwide who suffer in body and soul – with ten distance adoptions.

MediaTouch has funded ten distance adoptions in villages affected by tribal wars and diseases in Congo and Uganda. The distance adoption is an easy way to give and receive and to create a touch point between people of different cultures. Distance adoption is a true example of globalization of solidarity that is absolutely necessary nowadays, and we believe that it should be a shared responsabilty.

Distance adoption allows to give and receive in a simple way, creating a bridge between people of different cultures. Distance adopting means to take part to a real globalization of solidarity creating international relations links.

MediaTouch has joined more than 20.000 “donors volunteers”, that will support a natural movement of life development. Italia Solidale bears local comunities where families are involved in small income based projects (breeding, fishery, farming…). MediaTouch is extremely proud to join this organization which brings love and life to those in need.