Introducing Class for Teams

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Class, the leading virtual classroom solution, is now available on Microsoft Teams. Class harnesses and extends the scalability of the Teams’ trusted video conferencing platform to provide a unique set of tools and analytics that transform the virtual learning experience.

With the release of Class for Teams, we can bring Class to even more organizations who are already using Teams, expand the impact of Class and improve teaching and learning for more individuals around the world.

Increase active learning & participation

Go beyond screen share to enable learners to collaborate live on shared files and documents. With the Collaborate feature, participants have real-time access to edit shared interactive content, like whiteboards, without leaving Class for Teams.

Deliver powerful, engaging virtual sessions

Keep learners focused and engaged, with websites, files, videos, and more in one place. With Learning Tools, instructors can give a quiz or test, launch polls, pull content from their learning management system (LMS) and more.

Leverage analytics to improve instruction

Track and report on real time metrics and session analytics, including participation, talk time, and attendance. With our data dashboard, instructors can measure and report on course efficacy and improve the outcomes of their instruction.

Structure effective peer-to-peer learning opportunities

Facilitate small group collaboration for peer-to-peer or instructor-peer groups that is personalized and engaging. With Enhanced Breakout Rooms, instructors can launch tailored content and assessments to each room, and more.


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