Winning scalability: the case of Sapienza University of Rome with MediaTouch

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During the Covid-19 lockdown, e-learning and Learning Management Systems experienced a real boom of requests and usage. This has particularly affected universities, which had to quickly reorganize their teaching methods, facing unexpected challenges.

This was the case of Sapienza University of Rome, which saw the number of users accessing its Moodle platform grow exorbitantly. A challenge that was promptly taken by MediaTouch, guaranteeing winning scalability at Sapienza University.

Winning scalability: the case of Sapienza University of Rome with MediaTouch

A stong long-term relationship

Since 2004, Moodle has been the best e-learning solution for Sapienza. Yet, the platform was not fully used by the majority of students. Indeed, the active users were about 15 thousand.

In 2008 Sapienza officially became a MediaTouch customer and the platform experienced a real rebirth. The active users quickly rise to over 150,000 and the online learning experience became more effective and easy to use.

The lockdown boom

In March 2020, Italy enters in the Covid-19 lockdown, and our lives have a radical change. Universities have to manage learning only on remote. Sapienza’s Moodle platform has recorded more than 80,000 logins per day for over a year: a very rapid and unexpected rise.

Winning scalability with MediaTouch

MediaTouch proves to be a valid ally in supporting the scalability of Sapienza University. By harmoniously monitoring and adding the necessary resources, MediaTouch becomes central in allowing  thousands of students to access their learning resources. Indeed, students have to carry out exams, homework and quizzes directly from home. This rapid process of scalability was also possible thanks to Seeweb infrastructures, the Infrastructure as a Service Provider that has always accompanied MediaTouch in the creation of significant projects for its customers.

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